12 May 2014

Mad Studios Website (2014)

Parallax site design and illustrations
Client: Mad Studios


Mad Studios is mid-sized marketing agency in Ft. Lauderdale and required a new website that would depict the full breadth of its capabilities; from copywriting to design to web development. I art directed much of the website’s redesign. The premise is that the user arrives at a simple corporate gimmick- and engine where the user may enter their “biggest marketing problem”.

Once this is submitted, they hurtle into a graphic “rabbithole”- a borderline psychedelic experience packed full of animations, wacky pseudo-Victorian illustrations, inside jokes, farting unicorns, gorilla kidnappings, medical malpractice, hamsters powering a giant factory space on a wheel- all culminating in a talking statue of a giant baby announcing a randomly generated answer to the marketing question, drawing from a bank of about 50 nonsense answers (such as “Mom always got it out with vinegar and baking soda. You could try that.”). The user is then redirected to the more conventional “agency” side of the site, which includes a reel of Mad Studios’ work and contact information.

The site is a highly complex parallax scrolling experience in which the user controls the pace of the path through the animated labyrinth, but also triggers chain reactions and animations.

Created in collaboration with Denise Wissman, Vince Barbosa, Kelsey Motley, Rick Horton, Ryan Pfister, and Marc Aptakin at Mad Studios.