26 Jan 2012

Kill this Dog (2014)

Web design and billboard
Client: Pets’ Broward

Pets’ Broward, a South Florida-based nonprofit, seeks to save thousands of shelter animals from euthanasia by lobbying for subsidized low-cost spay/neuter operations. To raise awareness of the problem, it sought to create a highly provocative campaign that would turn heads and raise awareness of the current death toll for adoptable shelter animals.

The Kill This Dog campaign is very simple. A billboard was put up right off of the busy I-95 highway in Ft. Lauderdale, inviting drivers to “KillThisDog.com”. Once the outraged user arrived at the site, it offered them a very simply choice: “Should we kill this dog?” They could select “Kill” or “Save”.

If the user selects “Save”, they are driven to the Pets’ Broward site, where they can learn about ways to support the initiative to save animals in the county. If they select “Kill”, they are taken to a page congratulating them for being a “heartless bastard”, and then entreating their sense of fiscal responsibility if not their compassion; after all, the initiative can ultimately save taxpayers money in the long run.

The site proceeded to go viral, and was covered by multiple news sites, including CNN and the NY Daily News, ultimately opening Pets’ Broward to a level of exposure and awareness it had never seen before.

Front-end development by Vince Barbosa at Mad Studios.